AMA International Report & Results 2012
Friday, 02 March 2012 12:36

Ponds Forge Sheffield was the place to be on the weekend of 25th & 26th February 2102. The AMA International Karate Championships was in town and back to it's best.

17 countries where being represented, 58 clubs/associations attended with over 450 competitors totalling over 800 individual events. The WUKF Chief referee Sever Cucu conducted a referee's seminar on the 24th February and the morning of the 25th February.

The competition started at 1pm,  with an opening ceremony led by Mark Drake the AMA Chief referee. 83 categories where contested over the two days with Kata only on the Saturday and all Kumite on the Sunday. 6 areas where used over the two days and never stopped. over 40 officials where used by both the Chief referee's with promotions to WUKF officials. Mark Green from Shikon was upgraded to WUKF Continental referee, Peter Allen to WUKF Continental Kata Referee and Kumite Judge and Mark Drake to WUKF Continental Referee.

Some fantastic performances in the Kata and Kumite by past masters in the Veterans categories, also current World and European champions from WUKF where in attendance from the AMA, FEKO and KE, which incidentlly now form the 'New Governing Body for Karate in England'.

Many association champions also made up the array of talent on show, which made to an exiting competition in the steel city. The standard was excellent, the organizer Mr Peter Allen was asked, have you missed the EKF & WKF, he said, take a look around and see the happy faces, no restrictions, anyone can enter, karate ka from all federations enjoying a wonderful weekend together as it use to be before 2007.  Not at all, there's more on offer outside of the EKF & WKF.

Melissa Holmes from the AMA won the competitor of the day on Saturday for the Kata

Shane Rudge from FEKO won the competitor of the day on Sunday for the Kumite

Mark Green from Shikon won Referee of the championships.

Next years date has already been set, so please put it in your diary 16th & 17th February 2013.


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EKF ban their memebers again
Thursday, 09 February 2012 11:29

Hi, just scanned EKF site. What a set of plonkers, yet another unauthorised comp in Yorkshire. So glad I'm not part of it. I don't miss the politics.

Tracey Holmes

Karate Unifiction 'AGAIN' by Martyn Skipper
Tuesday, 07 February 2012 09:43
Dear Ed
 My  view

Karate Unifiction 'AGAIN'

I’m blogging again.
Naturally, that means English Karate Unification is once again back on the agenda.
Once again the impending prospect of unification makes me happy. Once again the stick-in-the-mud obstinacy of an obstructive old guard makes me despondent.
I have been involved to varying degrees with previous failed attempts to unify. The realist at this point would say; “Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all before. History proves this is a lost cause. Leave them all to it.”
Unfortunately, I am an optimist who dearly wants to see karate administered professionally, and believes and hopes that karate can be brought together under the single banner of a common cause - to manage and promote this fine and noble pursuit of ours to the benefit of its practitioners and the wider public.
This time around four bodies were invited by the Sport and Recreation Alliance (SRA- formerly the CCPR) to join talks: Karate England, whose lead members include the KUGB and Shikon; FEKO, a long standing federation with many august officers from both traditional and sporting traditions; the AMA (to which my club is affiliated) a multi-style large and disparate group of karateka; and the WKF-mandated English Karate Federation.
Three of the four groups have announced on their websites the establishment of the umbrella body to be called the ”English Karate Council”. (As an aside the name is not a new one- indeed I competed in the EKC National Championships at Crystal Palace in the late eighties, when the EKC rivalled the English Karate Board for NGB status.) The fourth body, EKF however has withdrawn from the talks, and no statement appears on their website.
In an instance of déjà vu it seems that WKF statute 21.9 is to be blamed; “because the EKF now consider that their participation in the new body would result in the withdrawal of the WKF mandate and this result was not acceptable to the EKF Board”. I choose my words carefully because I truly believe this to be a lame excuse by certain members of the EKF board. They claim that the WKF’s statutory ban on “sporting relations” with “dissenting groups” would be compromised.

Firstly, however draconian an “old boys’ club” the WKF board might be I do not believe that there cannot be found a statutorily acceptable arrangement by which the WKF representative could also be represented on the National Governing Body. Indeed a number of commentators have already suggested possible solutions to that conundrum. Furthermore it is my understanding that such arrangements already exist in other WKF member countries, where some members openly compete in WUKF, WUKO, and WKF tournaments, with either the overt, or at least tacit consent of the WKF. Secondly, as a former EKF member, I can vouchsafe the fact that there are members within the EKF who would welcome recognition by Sport England (not least for the funding opportunities recognition might bring). I cannot believe that the full EKF membership has been consulted on their boards decision to refuse to join the party.

I take some comfort from the EKC statement that; “the door is always open for them to rejoin at any time”, and urge the EKF board to reconsider. Not all English karateka wish to compete, but all English karateka deserve the dignity of recognition and support of the national sporting Governing Body.

By Martyn Skipper

EKC New Web address
Wednesday, 01 February 2012 15:02

The new governing body for Karate in England the English Karate Council, have a temporary holding page.


'EKF Latest News' Numbers Make Prizes
Monday, 30 January 2012 17:16

Dear Ed

Please post this email, Thank you.

I've noticed that the latest news on the EKF web site is that of a prize draw for it's members via their membership ticket. 'Numbers makes prizes' comes to mind.

It's sad to see that this is what the EKF board deem as their latest news. Nothing about Karate Unification, which I would have thought all the EKF members would want to know about. Especially the EKF's boards reasons for pulling away from the unification process.

I've read Gary Swifts letter and agree with him, not enough is being done by the current EKF board to address the issue's he's raised.

I was in the meetings regarding Karate Unification. I think you could have picked anyone from the EKF membership, other than those that attended and they would have agreed with what was put forward to them by Tim Lamb of the S+RA.

As the EKC statement says the door is open for the EKF to join. I really do hope the EKF reconsider and be part of a new open transparent Governing Body.

Kind regards

Peter Allen 7th Dan

USKA Chief Instructor

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