AMA clubs win at the Toyakwai Open 2014
Thursday, 18 April 2013 15:10

AMA clubs win Gold,Silver and Bronze at the Toyakwai Karate Open 2014.

full report to follow.

BKF Solid or Not?
Sunday, 09 December 2012 09:11

Many issues being reported to this office after a quite spell.

One such issue is the British Karate Federation and how solid is it's structure, now that the largest groups in Wales have pulled away from the WKGB.

It has also been reported that the Northern Ireland Karate Body (WKF) may have lost their mandate as the governing body? If there is any news on this issue please forward it to the EKA office.

The EKF, is the English representative on the BKF and they are showing a considerable loss of members. The EKC however appears to be moving forward as the credible Karate governing body in England. So sould they have a place in a British Karate set up?

The question is 'How solid is the current BKF', is it stable? or should there be a better British Karate structure to suit the needs of all Karate Ka in the UK.

Scotland appears on paper to have a stable body, but again many Karate Ka are outside the SKGB and are independent, some belong to other recognised World bodies.

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AMA groups win Gold at Toyakwai Open Clacton
Sunday, 09 December 2012 09:02

AMA Southend Goju-Kai Karate Club members win Fold, Silvers and Bronze places at the Toyakwai Karate Open 2012 at Clacton Leisure Centre.

The AMA group proudly show off their trophies in the attached photo.


More groups Leave the EKF
Sunday, 09 December 2012 08:43

It has been reported that more groups have left the EKF. Which makes their numbers less yet again.

They have joined groups in membership of the New governing body, the English Karate Council.

The EKC is going from strength to strength, their numbers are growing and indeed have the majority of Karate Ka in their ranks.

It has also been reported to the EKA office that the EKC are working constructively towards Sport England recognition.

kind regards


Welsh Karate Groups leave WKGB
Friday, 28 September 2012 20:16

Welsh Karate Groups leave the WKGB and set up a rival governing body.

It has been reported to the EKA, the reasons are the same as the English groups leaving the EKF, yes you've got it 21.9.


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