EKF Big News?
Tuesday, 13 April 2010 13:07

Dear Editor

The last few months seem to have been eventful to say the least in the world of English karate and it has been interesting to be able to read the e-mails with the views of the ordinary members and for the first time in my life I am writing in to a web site to add my own.


The only place, sadly, that appears to publish letters seems to be this site at EKA, it would be nice if the EKF (or KE for that matter), were this open and allowed such honest opinion without fear of repercussion, perhaps with the new directors this may turn out to be the case.


Over the past couple of months I have read and heard of the AGM. Of an EGM which came close to farcical. We have a new Board with some new faces and some recycled ones. We have seen the departure of some high profile directors including a resignation(?). We have had the resignation of EKF staff, one of them voicing an opinion on this web site. We have a continued row over the Charity Competition, with the squad members receiving a warning from the National Coach they will loose their places should they attend this event (no "fear or favour" there then). We have multiple breaches of the 21.9 rule by various members including the National Coach, the Competition Organiser and the Former Vice President who felt the need to resign over this, obviously rightly so. We have numerous accusations of double standards with evidence provided, what a few months it has been.


Then last week the EKF web site publishes some information, which of these major stories did they deal with, you have guessed right none of the above.

The big story is we had a friendly competition in France (and lost unfortunately) and the party, (probably the right choice of word) which included for some reason former directors (the one that resigned for breaking 21.9), sightseeing and stuffing themselves with "spectacular", "fantastic" and "gargantuan meals". It must be paradise living in EKF world, everything in the garden is rosy.


It's interesting but understandable this posting on the EKF site was done anonymously, most people would be ashamed to put their name to this


Yours in karate,



(if it's OK with EKF it should be OK with you)

Observations Regarding D.Sells Statement
Sunday, 04 April 2010 14:12

Dear Editor,


It's been many, many a year since my involvement with karate but never the less I have always kept a keen eye on the goings on. I came across your site several weeks ago and have found this open forum to be refreshing but at times worrying, it appears all has not been well and if I may I would like to add my observations to one of the hot topics.


Anonymous Parents of the EKF
Sunday, 04 April 2010 08:17

Dear EKF Board

I was at the EKF squad training session yesterday. I feel I need to make my views known as I don't know of any other way of getting my views to the correct people, so thank you to the Editor of this site in allowing me to do so. I haddn't heard of this site until yesterday.

Statement from Debbie Sell
Saturday, 03 April 2010 00:00

As I no longer work for the EKF I thought I'd write to you. I did wonder whether I should lower myself but thought it only fair that you now got your response! Its a shame you and the authors didn't check to ask me first and felt you had to hide behind false names and publish a load of crap etc only cowards hide

This statement is being sent as a parent defending her children and has no endorsement and/or nothing to do with the board of the EKF.

Reply to Debbie Sell
Saturday, 03 April 2010 00:00

Debbie, I can see why you are angry. The EKA assault on the EKF's stance on statute21.9 was heavy handed and in part ill-informed. I agree also that to bring identified children into the argument is reprehensible. However the point that EKA are trying to make is a valid one. The EKF (former) management were a) guilty of double standards in their interpretation of 21.9 and b) in my opinion naive and mistaken in the way they attempted to enforce it. Under their interpretation, as I understand it, you were, strictly speaking, in breach of 21.9 in your attendance of the Malta Open, but that really points up the silliness of trying to impose non-fraternisation to the nth degree, and should be an indictment of the EKF management, not of you or other individual members.

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