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AMA Northeast Karate Championships 2012
Friday, 28 September 2012 06:45

AMA Northeast Karate Championships 2012

Date: 18th November

venue: Temple Park, South Shields

Start: 0900hrs

All clubs and federations are welcome.

Contact: AMA organiser 07939289711 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for entry forms.


AMA International Open, 25th-26th Feb 2012, Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield, UK - REPORT
Wednesday, 28 March 2012 06:53

AMA International Open, 25th-26th Feb 2012, Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield, UK

The International Open has long been an important event in the calendar for many competitors, attracting entrants from across the globe. Ponds Forge as a venue has a great deal to recommend it: the excellent facilities for spectators, competitors and officials; an impressive track record in hosting international events in a wide variety of disciplines; superb support staff;  central location and ease of accessibility. Add to this the established culture of international competition in the historic steel city of Sheffield and all the ingredients are in place for a great tournament.

This year’s event saw over 450 entrants from 17 countries and 58 different groups or federations (including some from outside the WUKF) over the two days. The WUKF statutes do not exclude other organisations from participating in their events, encouraging exchange of skills and friendship. The WUKF kumite disciplines of Shobu Ippon, Shobu Nihon and Shobu Sanbon as well as team and individual kata events were contested, kata on the Saturday and kumite on the Sunday.

Organiser Peter Allen, 7th dan and AMA Vice President commented; “This has always been an important tournament for us, but we are very excited to be part of the WUKF organisation. This year’s event promises to be amongst the best yet, with many countries and federations already enquiring about next year’s championships”.

Refereeing was overseen by WUKF Chief Referee Sever Cucu and AMA’s senior official Mark Drake. Mr Cucu held a referees’ seminar over the Friday and the Saturday and an impressive line-up of referees and judges was in attendance keeping the six matted areas busy.


The choice of Sheffield for this year’s International was apposite for another reason. Peter Allen and the AMA have been granted the rights to host next year’s Junior European Championships and have selected the English Institute of Sport, a few miles away as the venue.


It is also noteworthy that representatives of all the major karate federations in England were in attendance, including the three groups making up the newly-formed English Karate Council: hosts AMA, FEKO and Karate England, and all three had representatives ascend to the medal podium.


Harry Crook of SASKA proved a great all-rounder taking golds in three events: junior boys’ Wado kata, weapons kata and boys’ kumite.


Predictably, the  Host  AMA group  topped  the  medal table  with by far the largest  contingent present, but  notable  were  Melissa Holmes  who  took  Gold in Shito and  All Style  kata, silver in Shobu Sanbon and bronze  in the  Shobu Ippon kumite. Other multiple, medallists from the AMA were Danielle Dunn with gold and two silvers, Sam Ernst with gold, silver and bronze, and Charlortte Bowie with a silver and  two  bronze medals all in kata.


 Young Iyad Ali of ESKF took three kata medals including two first place trophies. FEKO, ESKF, Heian Ryu and Tai Kai all did well in the overall medal table, but of the visitors, the Ukraine team was impressive with four golds, five silvers and a bronze.  Chris Galea’s group from Malta has been a long time supporter of this event and his clan did his country proud with the Galea family taking six of the small island’s nine medals.


The small group from Georgia tallied 5 medals including one from their national President Mzetchabuki Makharadze who was narrowly beaten in the Male Veterans’ kumite by FEKO’s Jason Smith. The male heavyweight kumite matched Karate England’s John Anderson against the big Georgian, Kaxa Egnatashvil, with the home fighter taking the title.

The female Vets’ kumite title was taken by Dudley’s Mandie Read, a former WUKF champion in kata too. Her gold was more impressive as she was complaining of back pain during the warm up.  The male Shotokan kata title was taken by Marco Mobilio, current WUKF World Champion, with Unsu.

The weekend  was  one of  cordiality and great  friendship, as  typifies   WUKF events, and all  are in eager anticipation  of  not only  next  year’s event, but  also  the upcoming  WUKF European Championships in Irvine, and the Junior  Europeans in Sheffield in 2013.

 Sever Cucu  expressed his pleasure  with  the  standard of  the refereeing  and  organizer Peter Allen  praised  the  support team including  the Ponds Forge team and  the  event  coordinator, the ever reliable  Jeff Grace.


Martyn Skipper  4th Dan AMA Public Relations Officer - full report and photo's.

Download this file (AMA-Int-2012-Awards-Peter-Allen.JPG)AMA-Int-2012-Awards-Peter-Allen.JPG[ ]6 Kb28/03/12 07:59
Download this file (AMA-Int-2012-Mark & Sever .JPG)AMA-Int-2012-Mark & Sever .JPG[ ]6 Kb28/03/12 07:10
Download this file (AMA-Int-2012-Peter-Courtney.JPG)AMA-Int-2012-Peter-Courtney.JPG[ ]3833 Kb28/03/12 08:01
Download this file (AMA-Int-2012-Ref's-Training.JPG)AMA-Int-2012-Ref's-Training.JPG[ ]2591 Kb28/03/12 07:58
Download this file (AMA-Int-2012-Refs-Bow.JPG)AMA-Int-2012-Refs-Bow.JPG[ ]5 Kb28/03/12 08:01
Download this file (AMA-Int-2012-Team-Rotation-Final.JPG)AMA-Int-2012-Team-Rotation-Final.JPG[ ]3053 Kb28/03/12 08:02
Download this file (AMA-Int-2102-WUKF-Refs-Course-Sever-Cucu-.JPG)AMA-Int-2102-WUKF-Refs-Course-Sever-Cucu-.JPG[ ]1753 Kb28/03/12 07:10
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 07:45
MALTA OPEN EDTITIONS ..... check out this video clip :)))


AMA International Report & Results 2012
Friday, 02 March 2012 12:36

Ponds Forge Sheffield was the place to be on the weekend of 25th & 26th February 2102. The AMA International Karate Championships was in town and back to it's best.

17 countries where being represented, 58 clubs/associations attended with over 450 competitors totalling over 800 individual events. The WUKF Chief referee Sever Cucu conducted a referee's seminar on the 24th February and the morning of the 25th February.

The competition started at 1pm,  with an opening ceremony led by Mark Drake the AMA Chief referee. 83 categories where contested over the two days with Kata only on the Saturday and all Kumite on the Sunday. 6 areas where used over the two days and never stopped. over 40 officials where used by both the Chief referee's with promotions to WUKF officials. Mark Green from Shikon was upgraded to WUKF Continental referee, Peter Allen to WUKF Continental Kata Referee and Kumite Judge and Mark Drake to WUKF Continental Referee.

Some fantastic performances in the Kata and Kumite by past masters in the Veterans categories, also current World and European champions from WUKF where in attendance from the AMA, FEKO and KE, which incidentlly now form the 'New Governing Body for Karate in England'.

Many association champions also made up the array of talent on show, which made to an exiting competition in the steel city. The standard was excellent, the organizer Mr Peter Allen was asked, have you missed the EKF & WKF, he said, take a look around and see the happy faces, no restrictions, anyone can enter, karate ka from all federations enjoying a wonderful weekend together as it use to be before 2007.  Not at all, there's more on offer outside of the EKF & WKF.

Melissa Holmes from the AMA won the competitor of the day on Saturday for the Kata

Shane Rudge from FEKO won the competitor of the day on Sunday for the Kumite

Mark Green from Shikon won Referee of the championships.

Next years date has already been set, so please put it in your diary 16th & 17th February 2013.


Download this file (277_indv Results.pdf)277_indv Results.pdf[ ]36 Kb02/03/12 15:35
Download this file (277_Team Results.pdf)277_Team Results.pdf[ ]16 Kb02/03/12 15:35
AMA Northeast Karate Open 2011
Monday, 14 November 2011 15:33

Dear Ed

Please may I use your web site to pass on my thanks to all those that attended the AMA Northeast Karate Open 2011, at Temple Park Sports Centre on 13th November. A fantastic day was had by all, so much so that I've booked the venue for next year already.The date will be 18th November 2012, so please add this to your new year diary.

Good to see clubs from the many groups in the UK including those that don't agree with 21.9 in their current federation. It's about time groups stood their ground and showed their executive board that this rule has no place in Karate. I take my hat off to those that attended, their students had a great day.

Also many thanks to USKA & Kensho Karate club members who helped with the running of the event. Special thanks to Mark Drake and his band of AMA officials and also to Darryl Bagley and his AMA medical team for covering the event.

Looking forward to next year.

Kind regards


AMA Competition Organiser



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