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EKF-No Grading Service?
Monday, 28 May 2012 13:50
Dear ed.

As you may be aware the EKF advertise on their website the ability for their members to advance in grade under their Dan grading panel, should there be no one in your respective organisation to conduct such a grading.

At the beginning of the year
I contacted the person named on their webpage, and at first got a positive reply. However after further emails I have received no confirmation to my request which I find very disappointing as the examiner had agreed to teach on a course preceding said grading.

Why offer this service when they are either unwilling or unable to do so? This is supposed to be a service to their members, the people who pay them hand over fist to belong to their organisation, yet we get no more than empty promises. Something sadly all to familiar from this latest regime.

Subsequently I have resigned my club from membership and will have no further part of their organisation.

Yet another sad example of meaningless words from a hierarchy that shows absolutely no concern for the grass roots Karateka within their membership.
Does it make me a rat to ask for this letter to be published? If so I accept the accolade gladly, because a rat knows when to dessert a sinking ship.    

Graham Chuck
Wadoryu Karatedo Kenkyukai

3rd WUKF European Karate Championships
Wednesday, 23 May 2012 07:14

3rd WUKF European Karate Championships for Children, Cadets & Juniors & 4th WUKF Open Snr International.

EISS, Coleridge Road, Sheffield, S9 5DA.

16th - 20th October 2013.

All WUKF Federations and their members are welcome.

Visit for more information

Advanced spectator tickets This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Download this file (WUKF-Sheffield-Flyer1.jpg)WUKF-Sheffield-Flyer1.jpg[ ]1319 Kb23/05/12 07:30
Karate Unification Update
Wednesday, 04 April 2012 15:30

Karate Unification

Karate is still the most popular Martial Art in England according to Sport England figures for participants over 16. Including juniors the figures would give a total of around 150,000 practising Karateka. Yet this apparently healthy situation should not make us complacent; there are a number of challenges faced by Karate. These include:

  • Competition from Mixed Martial Arts which is a fast growing activity and from Taekwondo in this Olympic year.
  • The pressure of Karate instructors who are not members of major groups and who often provide poor quality instruction at exorbitant prices.
  • Disunity, which means that we do not speak with one voice and do not have a Governing Body recognised by Sport England.
  • A consequence of disunity is that our influence is reduced and Karate has no lottery funding from Sport England (unlike Judo and Taekwondo for example).

In order to address these challenges a Karate Unification process was instigated last year by the Sport and Recreation Alliance (formerly CCPR); the author is a Board Director of the SRA and worked with the Chief Executive of the S+RA. An initial meeting in October 2011 was attended by four S+RA members: AMA, EKF, FEKO and KE. NAKMAS, the fifth member did not attend but were supportive of the process. A second meeting took place in December 2011 which whilst supportive of the principle of unification, identified a key difficulty for the EKF: the rules of the World Karate Federation (WKF). This obstacle could not be overcome and it was therefore decide by the other three groups (AMA, FEKO, KE) to go ahead with unification. NAKMAS have now decided to join the process, which is described in detail in the paper entitled, ‘Proposal for a unified Karate Body for English Karate’.

The structure proposed is for an umbrella body formed from the major groups who are operating at the moment. Smaller groups who wish to remain independent are included but not single clubs. This is because one of the problems faced by establishing a united governing body is the fragmentation of Karate. Also the major groups do not wish to duplicate what is being offered by those groups. The aim is rather to consolidate what we already have and create a set of Portfolios, operating standards supported by all which can be used to give confidence to sports bodies, venue owners and the public.

Work has already commenced on these Portfolios and the meeting of the English Karate Council held on the 15th March considered the following topics;

  • A draft constitution for the new body
  • The consolidation of Instruction guidelines
  • Protocols for gradings
  • Child protection
  • Insurance


The meeting was fortunate to have expert advisors present for the last two topics. Hamish Telfer delivers child protection seminars for SportscoachUK and was a co-author of the UK Sport guidance on the subject. Mike Cowburn and Clive Baker have huge experience in Karate insurance issues. The EKC Board are determined to produce the best possible advice and guidance on these important topics. Our aim is to demonstrate that this new body can add value at low cost and be a real benefit to Karateka everywhere. We also need to convince Sport England that we have put in place appropriate governance arrangements if we are to succeed in gaining Sport England recognition. To this end we have adopted the Voluntary Code of Good Governance for the Sport & Recreation sector published by the S &RA. This code has been endorsed by the Government and Sport England as a guide to effective governance in the sport sector.

All involved in the EKC want it to be a success, and support has also been given by the large majority of the most senior experienced and successful Karateka in the country. The EKC now comprises the largest Karate group in the country with over 50,000 members. We aim to serve, not to dictate, and to be guided by what is best for Karate to develop and grow.


John Bell

Chairman, Karate England

Director, Sport and Recreation Alliance


March 2012.

More Groups Leave the EKF
Monday, 26 March 2012 12:56

More groups are leaving the EKF. The latest association to leave is, Hankoryu, they have joined the WUKF direct.

They along with the groups named below are now members of the New Governing body for Karate, the 'English Karate Council'.

President: PETER ALLEN
Country: ENGLAND
President: G.S. JOHN BELL
Country: ENGLAND
Hanko-ryu School of Karate Do International
Country: ENGLAND
Country: ENGLAND
Country: ENGLAND
EKF & 21.9
Friday, 16 March 2012 21:56

Hi Ed

 Please publish this.

 I have been reading the reports of T.A.S.K in a comp and their informative reply.

 Whilst yes it does look like that yet again the EKF have one rule for one and another rule for the others. The response is right the NKA are not in any world body so there for in the eyes of the EKF they have done nothing wrong!

 What the question should be is if this is the rule 21.9 then why do the EKF say that they cannot join THE Governing body in England which is now as we know the EKC.

 The EKC are not affiliated to any world body but the EKF president Carl Lindley says that they cannot at this time join this new body, stating the rule 21.9, as the reason for this. The door is and always will be open for them to change their minds, which for the sake of the many karate-ka in England, that want the best for English karate I hope that they do see the error of their ways.

 On an end to this we all need to stop the mudslinging and look forward to the future of karate in England. Which is The English Karate Council.

 Come on guys put all your personal differences to one side, forget about the past and look forward to the future of karate in England for the younger generations. If we start with the right foundations then we will have a very great legacy to keep handing down to the up and coming karate-ka. At the moment England has nothing but with all the karate groups in England singing off the same sheet we can and will be the best in the world again.


 Mark Drake


The Need for a New Karate Governing Body
Friday, 16 March 2012 12:28

Dear Ed

Having read the letters on the EKA web site regarding Taishido Karate group who are members of the EKF. Forget the question and responses at the moment of the rules and regs i.e 21.9 and also if NAKMAS are members of another World body. I'm sure people can search via the web and find out this information regarding any group and if they believe 21.9 has been broken.

My reason for this letter is for all responsible coaches and instructors reading this letter, to have a look at the competition itself via the pictures on Dokan Gudo Nishijima Karate web site It clearly shows students competing on hard floors, this goes against the EKF competition rules regarding safe practice. It also shows a referee with his sleeves rolled up and wearing jewellery and in jeans. Perhaps since the departure of Mr Terry Pottage standards have dropped regarding referee's. These are just a couple of things, I've noticed regarding the NKA competition in the North East.

If this is what EKF instructors allow now and deem correct and also the EKF as a body in governance of it's members are allowing. Then the exodus of groups moving away from the EKF makes more sense now. How on earth the EKF can state, do not attend the competition in Barnsley because it's not a sanctioned event but then allow it's members to attend events of this nature is unbelievable.

For instructors to allow children to compete under these conditions says allot of the group and the governance of the body they belong too.

It also shows the need for a governing body that can actually govern and have guidelines regarding safe, well run events for it's members. The AMA International event last weekend clearly showed what the EKF are missing in well run events. After reading the proposal paper put forward by the 'New' governing body for Karate in England (EKC) and the groups connected to it on your web site, I'm sure this will happen.

If a child had fallen and damaged themselves on the hard surface at the NKA event then negligence of claim could be filed against the organiser, officials and the governing bodies they belong too,  for allowing this to happen. Our children should not be competing under these conditions. I myself as a parent and grandparent would walk away from any such event, if I turned up and found this sort of event being run under these conditions and would demand my money back.

It appears the NKA need educating in what's required for the safety of children in their care while holding or attending a karate championships. Clearly they are unaware of 'safety in training' which a true governing body would know and expect it's members to adhere to, this would also be said of the groups taking part..

In closing for instructors to allow their students to practice and take part under these conditions is disturbing to say the least.

Kind regards

Mrs Firth - Parent


The New Governing Body For Karate
Friday, 16 March 2012 07:08

The new Governing Body for Karate in England is the 'English Karate Council' who held their second official meeting yesterday on 15th March 2012.

The attached proposal below and time scales have been implimented. They have been taken forward by the AMA. FEKO & KE who are the largest Karate groups in England. The door is open for membership from all English Karate groups or organisations to join the EKC direct or via one of the 3 groups named above.

The majority of Karate Ka in England are now members of the EKC and are now moving forward with the attached proposal.

The EKA support the EKC and it's direction for all Karate Ka in England. 


Download this file (EKC Final Proposal.pdf)EKC Final Proposal.pdf[ ]276 Kb16/03/12 07:16
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