Karate or Taekwondo 'Your Views'
Saturday, 06 March 2010 14:58
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Karate or Taekwondo 'Your Views'
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Hi Ed

can you publish my questions in response to Ian Cuthbert's post whichI have read with interest.

1, Why if theWUKF or WUKO is what you say it is why do 3 former instructors chose to stay with the EKF surley if you cant convince them then you can expect to convince us.???

2, why does KE slag of the EKF on there site but the EKF saying nothing on there about KE???
When you dont see rugby union slagging off rugby league. As they are proffesionally run

3, why doKE not publish ther AGM minutes?

4, why doKE not publish its "elected" BOD?

5, Why do the WKF have 29.1. if we trust what you say then only England inforces it? if thats the case then why do they have it in the first place?

6, why do you feel the need to slag of the EKF and WKF if the WUKF is so much better?? This will be seen as un-proffesional.

7, what is your possition if the WKF gets into the olympics.
There is no place for politics in sport. soon there will be no one left in karate for the polititians to fight over.

Mike Day