Karate or Taekwondo 'Your Views'
Saturday, 06 March 2010 14:58
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Karate or Taekwondo 'Your Views'
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Interested to see the comment on my letter and take opportunity to further the conversation.

I can assure FC that Alex Sell was at the Taekwondo selections with his father.

I can also advise that according to the WKF they consider Taekwondo can be compared with Ten Pin Bowling in otherwise it is a completely different sport. When I heard this I almost fell off my chair with laughter. Are they all barking mad ??

Taekwondo must surely be the sport that has kept Karate out of the Olympics over the last decade or so.

Karate skills are directly transferrable to Taekwondo hence so many EKF and KE athletes attended. Karate skills would not seem to have much bearing on ten pin bowling , at least not the wayI practice my karate.

On top of this, surely the very fact that EKF athletes were rubbing shoulders with non EKF Karateka should have been enough to get the EKF `internet thought police` fairly hysterical,I would have thought judging by past events.

Meanwhile I was at Karate England's squad training yesterday at Loughborough. Spectators welcome by the way !!!!

KE will be sending a squad of 22 to the WUKF European Senior Championships in Portugal.

We were also pleased to welcome back John Anderson (father and son) ,Glen Middleton and Trevor Justin and their excellent squad of fighters. John junior will be travelling to Portugal with us.

Other faces returning back to Shikon and KE were Mitchell Roberts and Hollie Roberts formerly of the EKF Kata squad (they both took Gold in the WKF Championships in Copenhagen last year) but are now looking forward to the WUKF World Junior Championships in Brazil in July.

I can hear the jeers of EKF people claiming this and that about standards between WKF and WUKF but the loudest shouts seem to come from people who have never been to either organisation's events .

Having been to over 20 WKF events over the last 15 years and having been to the last 4 WUKF events ,I can say that the top fighters at WUKF are as good as I've seen anywhere. Not surprising really as so many of them actually are WKF members as well. We even had the Danish WKF President take part in the veterans in Ukraine last year!!!

As far as size of event is concerned the WUKF Worlds in Italy in 2008 had 12 tatamis and 1500 entries . I had never seen anything so huge , you couldn't find a seat in the house on the finals day. The only comparable event was the WKF worlds in Munich in 2000 and maybe Madrid.

The real question people should be asking is :- `if WKF is so great , why are they implementing 21.9 so vehemently?? Who are they scared of ?????`