EKF Nationals Presentation
Monday, 28 May 2012 13:59

Dear Ed

Please print this letter, I do hope the EKF board listen.

Gobsmacked when I attended the EKF champs in April and also when I viewed the EKF Pictures relating to the EKF National Championships on the EKF web site. What has gone wrong? I know they say every picture tells a story, so I ask the EKF high and mighty. What has happened to the polished presentations that we use to have.

If your at a National Championships I would expect better. It appears that the EKF Nationals is going backwards?

The categories where small as well, where is everyone?, I wasn't impressed with the organising or the standard. If this is the best that the EKF have to offer then I'm afraid I wont be wasting a weekend again next year.


Babs EKF Member