EKF-No Grading Service?
Monday, 28 May 2012 13:50
Dear ed.

As you may be aware the EKF advertise on their website the ability for their members to advance in grade under their Dan grading panel, should there be no one in your respective organisation to conduct such a grading.

At the beginning of the year
I contacted the person named on their webpage, and at first got a positive reply. However after further emails I have received no confirmation to my request which I find very disappointing as the examiner had agreed to teach on a course preceding said grading.

Why offer this service when they are either unwilling or unable to do so? This is supposed to be a service to their members, the people who pay them hand over fist to belong to their organisation, yet we get no more than empty promises. Something sadly all to familiar from this latest regime.

Subsequently I have resigned my club from membership and will have no further part of their organisation.

Yet another sad example of meaningless words from a hierarchy that shows absolutely no concern for the grass roots Karateka within their membership.
Does it make me a rat to ask for this letter to be published? If so I accept the accolade gladly, because a rat knows when to dessert a sinking ship.    

Graham Chuck
Wadoryu Karatedo Kenkyukai