EKF & 21.9
Friday, 16 March 2012 21:56

Hi Ed

 Please publish this.

 I have been reading the reports of T.A.S.K in a comp and their informative reply.

 Whilst yes it does look like that yet again the EKF have one rule for one and another rule for the others. The response is right the NKA are not in any world body so there for in the eyes of the EKF they have done nothing wrong!

 What the question should be is if this is the rule 21.9 then why do the EKF say that they cannot join THE Governing body in England which is now as we know the EKC.

 The EKC are not affiliated to any world body but the EKF president Carl Lindley says that they cannot at this time join this new body, stating the rule 21.9, as the reason for this. The door is and always will be open for them to change their minds, which for the sake of the many karate-ka in England, that want the best for English karate I hope that they do see the error of their ways.

 On an end to this we all need to stop the mudslinging and look forward to the future of karate in England. Which is The English Karate Council.

 Come on guys put all your personal differences to one side, forget about the past and look forward to the future of karate in England for the younger generations. If we start with the right foundations then we will have a very great legacy to keep handing down to the up and coming karate-ka. At the moment England has nothing but with all the karate groups in England singing off the same sheet we can and will be the best in the world again.


 Mark Drake