WKF 21.9 rule is broken
Thursday, 15 March 2012 07:45

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14/03/2012 11:56 by Mr G Singh 

On Saturday the 25th of February we entered sixty-five students into the NKA Open Championships at Jarrow, Tyne and Wear.

There were over 300 attendees with an age range of 5 years to 61 years.

We won a total of 110 trophies;
  • 45 first place trophies (17 of which were for kumite)
  • 28 second place trophies and
  • 37 third place trophies.

It was almost embarrassing as we dominated the competition from start to finish, taking all the trophies in many sections.

Let's hope they invite us back again next year.
There is a full write up on their website and photos at  www.dokan.co.uk