'EKF Latest News' Numbers Make Prizes
Monday, 30 January 2012 17:16

Dear Ed

Please post this email, Thank you.

I've noticed that the latest news on the EKF web site is that of a prize draw for it's members via their membership ticket. 'Numbers makes prizes' comes to mind.

It's sad to see that this is what the EKF board deem as their latest news. Nothing about Karate Unification, which I would have thought all the EKF members would want to know about. Especially the EKF's boards reasons for pulling away from the unification process.

I've read Gary Swifts letter and agree with him, not enough is being done by the current EKF board to address the issue's he's raised.

I was in the meetings regarding Karate Unification. I think you could have picked anyone from the EKF membership, other than those that attended and they would have agreed with what was put forward to them by Tim Lamb of the S+RA.

As the EKC statement says the door is open for the EKF to join. I really do hope the EKF reconsider and be part of a new open transparent Governing Body.

Kind regards

Peter Allen 7th Dan

USKA Chief Instructor