Replies to Karate Unification - GS
Monday, 30 January 2012 09:07

Dear Ed,

Correct me if I’m wrong. The EKF's position on this, so I am led to believe, is that the EKF do not wish to have 'sporting relations' with anything considered dissenting to the WKF (such as the WKC, WUKF, WUKO, etc.). However, my first impression was that I felt they 'could' join the umbrella group, EKC, as it is not itself a member of any World Governing Body. Additionally, as long as they don't have 'sporting relations' with other EKC members, who are part of what they consider are dissenting World Governing Bodies, they could just as easily 'bumble along' as usual competing amongst themselves. That way the EKF would/could be part of the whole 'English Karate' thing and reap the rewards of helping to unify ALL karate in England; and of course, with the added benefits of the possibility of financial aid opportunities, etc. Hopefully the EKF may be able to present some sort of a case to the WKF, highlighting this (that the EKC are neutral), as the general consensus in England is of all-styles karate unification, it would be a shame to throw it all away over a ‘technicality’ that can be solved simply, wouldn’t it?

GE Swift.

Gary E Swift 7th Dan Kyoshi
President & Chief Instructor
British Wadokai Karate