Monday, 14 November 2011 15:45

Dear Readers

It appears that the Karate Unification meeting went ahead on 28th October at the SRA office's in London. No official statement has been posted yet, but the word is that all the groups identified in a previous report agreed to move forward towards unification.

The word out there is that the groups name is still to be decided but will form something like a council of associations in membership. I have no reports of SE involvement in this process at this time, but have found out that they are in favour of the development of this new Governing body.

It doe's seem to take a while to get the information out to the people that really matter which are the members of those respected groups. I've seen a little info on certain web site's but not really any meat on the bones so to speak. Get a move on please, we all want to know what's going on? Lets hope for an early Christmas Present under our tree 'Unification'

Hopefully they will get it right this time, the EKA wishes them well in their process.

Kindest regards