The EKA - The Beginning
Sunday, 10 April 2011 06:30

On a sunny day in Sheffield at the English Institute of Sports, which incidentally is where many World & British Gold medals have been won before by many other sporting hero's. It was now the turn of Karate Ka from all styles of Karate, from as far a field as Nigeria and and as close as Sheffield itself. The beginning of a new era for Karate Ka had arrived.

The EKA National Championships was indeed the place to be. It was the showcase for Karate Ka to show their style and standard. The Spectators and indeed everyone where entertained with some excellent Kata and Kumite performance alike.

With 35 clubs from 15 Associations entering the first English Karate Associations Championships, it indeed showed what was to come in the future. This was an English Karate Championships run for Karate Ka by Karate Ka without politics. Special thanks must go to Jeff Grace the EKA organiser and his team of helpers for the day and indeed to the band of officials from the Associations that attended.

During the day The 'Marc Duncan Overall Kata Trouphy' was presented to Lee Lamb. This award was in memory of Marc who sadly passed away last year. Marc's forte was Kata and it was a fitting tribute that this award went to an excellent performance of Unsu by Lee Lamb.

Also during the day a meeting of like minded Association heads or their representatives was arranged. Discussions took place regarding the EKA as a none political body, all the groups agreed to open dialogue to work together and 'not' to adopt the failings of past body's.

It was agreed that courses and seminars would be supported by all the groups and an open minded approach without restrictions to invite all Karate Ka to come together and help and assist their respected championships. The EKA Referee's commission was formed for the day, which included Mr Terry Pottage, Mr Bob Phillips & Mr Mark Drake. Everyone agreed that the EIS was an excellent venue and was worthy of staging the event next year. It was suggested that training and development was important to standardise all the officials of the EKA event and their respected groups for future development. It was a new beginning and a way forward.

The groups attending the meeting having open discussions, indeed did in fact represent more than half of the Karate Ka from the days of the EKGB when Karate Ka last had a governing body with over 75'000 members. The short meeting finished with everyone agreeing to move 'FORWARD AND UPWARDS'.

As well as the official photographer from 'Action Packed Photo's' also attending was who where filming the days proceedings. They where interviewing officials, competitor and spectators in readiness for their launch date on 21st May at their Norwich studio's of a brand new Martial Arts subscription Channel. The EKA and it's members welcomed Adrian and his team to have an open approach and film whatever they wanted. Adrian also gave a 15 minutes presentation of what was about and the need to report on grassroots Karate. He further added is not just about reporting Karate but all martial Arts styles.

The EKA and the many groups present agreed to support MAaction. They believed this was the way forward in reporting on Karate Ka from every club in the UK. 'It's a breath of fresh air' and is long overdue.

A full report on the event & the results will follow shortly.

Congratulations to all that attended and supported this the first of many true 'English Karate Championships'.

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