EKF news 'EGM called' 'what a mess'
Wednesday, 01 September 2010 09:38
Hi Carl
I have read the email on the EKF allowing single clubs to join without being members of an association.
This action goes against the EKF constitution, changes to the constitution can only be made through an EGM being held and the members being asked to vote to the changes, the members of the EKF are associations not clubs or individuals the constitution would need to be changed by vote of the members to allow this action.
If a club was allowed to join the EKF as a member then as a member they would have full voting rights because the are classified as a member, the constitution states all members will have full voting rights so this would need to be changed as well.
As the vice chair person of the Heian Ryu Karate Group I ask that an EGM be called on this matter as single clubs joining as members and not paying the full subscription fees undermines the EKF constitution.
Also any club joining the EKF because their association does not want to, then these clubs would have to leave that association or they will be breaking 21.9, I would assume that this information would be on the application forms to inform potential members that the must leave their association.
I would ask that this email be put on the EKF web site to inform all the members that I am asking for an EGM to make these changes to the constitution to allow for clubs to join as members.

Yours in Karate

Billy Brogan
Licensing Officer / Chief Referee H.R.K.G.
Tel: 01482 827905