The Need for a New Karate Governing Body
Friday, 16 March 2012 12:28

Dear Ed

Having read the letters on the EKA web site regarding Taishido Karate group who are members of the EKF. Forget the question and responses at the moment of the rules and regs i.e 21.9 and also if NAKMAS are members of another World body. I'm sure people can search via the web and find out this information regarding any group and if they believe 21.9 has been broken.

My reason for this letter is for all responsible coaches and instructors reading this letter, to have a look at the competition itself via the pictures on Dokan Gudo Nishijima Karate web site It clearly shows students competing on hard floors, this goes against the EKF competition rules regarding safe practice. It also shows a referee with his sleeves rolled up and wearing jewellery and in jeans. Perhaps since the departure of Mr Terry Pottage standards have dropped regarding referee's. These are just a couple of things, I've noticed regarding the NKA competition in the North East.

If this is what EKF instructors allow now and deem correct and also the EKF as a body in governance of it's members are allowing. Then the exodus of groups moving away from the EKF makes more sense now. How on earth the EKF can state, do not attend the competition in Barnsley because it's not a sanctioned event but then allow it's members to attend events of this nature is unbelievable.

For instructors to allow children to compete under these conditions says allot of the group and the governance of the body they belong too.

It also shows the need for a governing body that can actually govern and have guidelines regarding safe, well run events for it's members. The AMA International event last weekend clearly showed what the EKF are missing in well run events. After reading the proposal paper put forward by the 'New' governing body for Karate in England (EKC) and the groups connected to it on your web site, I'm sure this will happen.

If a child had fallen and damaged themselves on the hard surface at the NKA event then negligence of claim could be filed against the organiser, officials and the governing bodies they belong too,  for allowing this to happen. Our children should not be competing under these conditions. I myself as a parent and grandparent would walk away from any such event, if I turned up and found this sort of event being run under these conditions and would demand my money back.

It appears the NKA need educating in what's required for the safety of children in their care while holding or attending a karate championships. Clearly they are unaware of 'safety in training' which a true governing body would know and expect it's members to adhere to, this would also be said of the groups taking part..

In closing for instructors to allow their students to practice and take part under these conditions is disturbing to say the least.

Kind regards

Mrs Firth - Parent