Friday, 03 June 2011 10:56

Dear Ed

I've just returned from the WUKF championships in Italy, where my association the AMA along with KE, SKU and Shikon competed. All these English groups had an excellent time and had good results.

While chatting as you do to other Presidents, Coaches and competitors the feeling between everyone is that of a very friendly atmosphere, no looking over your shoulder as groups and clubs seems to do in the English Karate Federation and WKF and most certaily not being asked to take photograph's of people attending who should'nt be there (EKF what's that all about?)

The standard was excellent, as good, if not better than the WKF. The whole of the WUKF board and officials are open and transparent and approachable. Again unlike the WKF and certainly the EKF board.

It's our first World Championships as a direct member and I would recommend this body to anyone. I base my views on having been to the WKF comps and seen the standard. AMA students have won medals at the WKF level and yet on this occasion one individual who has a WKF silver in Kata just missed out on the medals in Italy. His quote was 'Excellent Standard' as good if not better than what I've competed at in the WKF.

I've also read the article 'Karate in England' 'What Problem' on your home page and would agree with everything the author is saying. We have no chance of getting into the Olympics with the WKF but may do with the WUKF. The English Karate Federation blindly follow the WKF mandate (21.9). The EKF will have similar failings in trying to get recognition from Sport England.

A group in Italy with National players in Denmark who where members of the WKF via the Danish Federation left WKF at the weekend and joined WUKF. This is happening all over the World, WUKF in numbers are second to WKF. As time goes on I'm sure this will change.

WUKF is all about inclusion by everyone from grassroots clubs and upwards.

Perhaps it's time for all the English Karate clubs in the EKF to test the water and change to WUKF, it's better, less hassle and you have the freedom to enter comps and do as you want. It's a breath of fresh air. If I had know it was going to be as good as this in 2007 when the EKF formed then I would not have joined the EKF at that time.

If you don't like what WUKF have to offer you can always switch back. In WUKF you can belong to both or any other World bodies if you so wish. It's WKF that don't allow you to be a member of anyone other than them. Crazy rule I know but that's their politics I'm afraid.

In closing Congratulations to all the English groups that attended the WUKF championships in Italy, good results excellent company and good to see old friends again.

Special thanks to the Spectators that attended from the AMA, congratulations to Darren Snell on his Silver & John Gillespie on his Bronze along with excellent performances from the rest of the AMA squad.

Roll on the Children's & Jnr Europeans in Hungary in October and the Snr Europeans & Vets next April in Scotland.


Peter Allen

AMA Karate