Reply to Mark Drakes Letter - Smoke screen?
Sunday, 12 December 2010 07:53

Dear Ed

In reply to Mark Drakes letter regarding views on the two documents from the EKF and KE. It appears that unification is on the cards yet again? I fully understand the need for unification to get recognition as a governing body by SE, which would enable Karate Ka to receive some sort of funding from either SE or their partners.

A few facts:

The WUKF allow participation to compete at any level, the WKF have their 21.9 rule which restricts the participation of Karate Ka entering any events outside of their own membership. This is indeed the brick wall for the EKF competitors to develop and compete against the best fighters in the UK at local comps up and down the country.

As many will know, I was the Organiser for the EKGB, KE 2005 and the EKF. I also organised the BKF championships and co organised the Commonwealth championships with Abdu Shaher in 2003. Our own AMA championships prior to the EKF inception in  2007, where available to everyone, however the EKF soon put a stop to outside groups being included in our events. Even the short time of KE 2005 as the governing body did not have the censorship on events on the scale that the EKF dictates to it's members.

Having been involved on the EKF board, my views are the same as the original letter sent to the EKFdirectors in April this year by SE, the EKF lack goverance, dont have the required membership and restrict instead of include. The EKF are miles away from hitting the main criteria of acceptance to SE because of the 21.9 rule.

John Bell the President of KE has hit the nail on the head in his letter, KE's views seem more in line with what SE are looking for. The EKF view to blindly follow the 21.9 rule will be their downfall.

As much as these two groups where at the table representing KE & the EKF, there are many other groups still outside of the EKF & KE who where not represented at this meeting.

Without inclusion of groups such as the AMA, FEKO, SKU, Heianryu and many more, then the talks of unification cannot go ahead and certainly SE would not give recognition as a governing body to anyone that does not fit their criteria of 70% of the total of Karate Ka in membership of one group.

On figures that I have as an ex director of both groups, I would say that at best the EKF have around 20% ( last count 21'000 members) KE have perhaps 30% and groups such as I've stated above do have 30%. There would then be around 20% outside who are members of WKA and Independent groups, who don't belong to any World bodies or associations.

In closing if the EKF and KE believe they can get recocnition without everyone being involved then I'm afraid they will fail at their meeting in March 2011. SE are fully aware of what groups are outside of EKF & KE.


Peter Allen