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EKF not Quorate again

It has been reported to this office that the EKF have yet again failed to be quorate at their AGM.

it appears now that this is the end of the road for the EKF as their members have failed to show any faith in the leadership of the EKF by staying away from their AGM meeting.



EKF members attend Karate Wales event

Good to see EKF people attending the Karate Wales event in Cardiff at the weekend.

more clubs like PC Karate Association should show their discontent by breaking the stupid 21.9 rule set by WKF and it's followers.

well done PC.

best Wishes



'English Karate Council' - The New Governing Body for Karate recognised by its members.

The AMA are pleased to be members of the New Governing Body.


English Karate Council Championships 2015

English Karate Council Governing Body Championships 2015

17th May 2015

Ponds Forge


Entry form and details to follow.


EKF-Nothing has changed
Subject: To the EKF board and Jonathon Mottram.

To the EKF board ,  Jonathon Mottram (head kata coach) and to all those who may read this email.

Firstly I would like to express my disappointment in both the selection process and the reasoning behind non selection of kata athletes  for the junior european 2014 karate championships, held in Portugal.

I also wish to highlight concerns I have surrounding grass route karate and the difficulties senior kata  athletes have had and still currently face to be selected for major tournaments such as the europeans and world games.

Kieran nunkoo current gold medalist for kata , who may I add created history by becoming the youngest gold medallist in english karate kata history but also he did not loose a single flag in 5 rounds in such a prestigious event, has not been selected, why?
Can some one please answer me this question.

Navin became only the 5th male kata athlete to win a European medal in The European karate championships 2013, so why not give him the opportunity to improve on his bronze in portugal 2014? Can someone please answer me this question.

Kieran and navin have both met the selection criterie, they have attended all selection days  and open session for the european karate championships, portugal 2014.

Kieran and Navin are both current 2013 EKF, BKF, welsh, and Scottish national champions for the respective age categories.

Kieran is even 2013 BKF international senior champion! At the age of 16 beating senior England squad members!

What else does kieran and navin need to achieve or do to be selected for the european karate championships  2014 held in portugal? Can someone please answer me this question.

Kieran and navin are at the top of their respective age fitness tests at selections. Kieran and navin  have met all the requirements outlinned by the EKF for the selection process!

If kieran did not meet the selection requirements set out by the EKF why select him for the junior male kata team? Can someone please answer me this question?

In fact I will answer that question for you. As kierans coach I am informing the EKF board and jonathon mottram , kieran nunkoo is withdrawing from the kata team event, NOT because he doesn't want to represent his country but for the reasons  outlinned by Jonathon Mottram which are  (1) he is  too restricted and does no train with jonathon mottram on a wednesday and (2)  when asked to change his technique (s) by jonathon mottram he does not. So once again kieran will NOT be part  of the team event due to the reasons given to kieran as to why he has not been selected for the individual event.

Why leave the category empty 16-17 junior male kata? Why not enter Conor Hewitt? I have seen connor compete and he is an amazing athlete, why not give the young athlete the opportunity to compete on the european kata circuit? Can someone pls answer me this question?

Navin has also NOT been selected for male kata 18-21 years, an athlete in which Navin has beaten on numerous occasions in 2012 & 2013has been selected why?

Does the fact that kieran and navin  train and compete under a different club other than one run by Jonathon Mottram matter ? Can someone please answer me this question?

The reasons given to kieran and navin are as follows (1) both athletes are too restricted and does no train with jonathon mottram on a wednesday and (2)  when asked to change their technique (s) by jonathon mottram they does not. Is this a reasonable explanation?

Kieran and Navin have achieved what they have under the guidance of their own coach not due to any input made by anyone other coach  but also due to their  relentless training and their own ability .

Kieran and navin train at their home club, ashindo-kai international karate club and have their  own coach, jonathon mottram is not kieran or navins coach and does not have the authority or right to tell an athlete to change his\their technique without consulting with their club coach . This is extremely disrespectfull on jonathon mottrams behalf.

If kieran does not have the technical ability to be selected for the junior kata spot then so be it. But his track record and european record speaks for its self a bronze in 2012 and a gold I'm 2013! A gold only matched by reece taylor!

When kieran won his 2013 eurpean gold it was said that himself and emma lucraft who also won gold would be pre selected due to them being reigning champions, so why has the parameters changed? Can some pls answer me this question

If the selection process is down to tournaments entered,  competition  results in that competition  year and what you achieve in your fitness test, why is the current senior kata representative jonathon mottram selected for the senior kata spot 2014 europeans held in Finland and 2014 karate world championship held in Germany? has jonathon mottram entered enough tournaments in 2013 ? Correct me if I'm wrong Jonathan has only entered the Scottish international held in April 2013, he withdrew himself from the BKF nationals in June and BKF international held in september , neither did he enter the welsh open and he has not competed in any K1 championships. Neither has he completed a single fitness test in 2013! Is this fair for all other senior athletes? Can someone pls answer me this question. 

All the hype surrounds senior male kata , but the reality is the likes of reece taylor, john Gardiner, alex gardner (2013 european kata 18-21 bronze medalist) and jack dixon, have never been given or never will be given the opportunity to compete at senior level as jonathon mottram is always selected by the selection committee. Oh yes that reminds me jonathon mottram is the selection committee so he is self selected.

John Gardiner has entered and medaled in all the EKF and BKF tournaments in 2013 and has also entered some K1 champions in 2013 , so why not give this athlete who has continuously shown great determination he has also dedicated himself to competitions and completed the relevant fitness tests , the chance to compete at a senior level for England?

Why can't all kata athlete's be set the guidelines that if you wish to represent England you have to compete in  compulsory competitions such as the EKF nationals, BKF 4 nations and the EKF and BKF internionals and maybe 3 or more  K1 competitions or other European or world events?
In which depending on their rankings they will be selected for the relevant kata spots. This is the fairest way to be selected. Earn your spot.

No wonder top associations and kata athletes leave the EKF as the EKF has no structure to  their selection process.

May I add in conclusion that there should be a selection board of top kata coaches who select athletes based on ability and results. At the moment there is only one kata selector who in the eyes of the EKF seems to know the ins and outs technically of all styles of kata. Is this possible?

I doubt that any one from the EKF board or the kata coach himself will respond to my email , as this is the way english karate is heading we are no longer a democracy but an autocracy federation.


Anthony balkissoon
Head coach
Ashindo-kai international karate club
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